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On-Demand Call Center Platformfor businesses and call centers worldwide.


CallNet offers world class features built in and ready for deployment.

All you have to do is choose your service options and provide agents and the revenue opportunities start immediately. CallNet offers event driven marketing campaigns triggered directly to the call center application console. As a call center manager, CallNet gives you the ability to manage an entire call center or multiple call centers including all agents from one centralized location.

With CallNet opportunities are intelligently presented to your agents in realtime enabling you to take advantage of event driven data feeds that create high contact and conversion ratios. The CallNet opportunity console is fully scripted.

With CallNet the business intelligence you need is right at your fingertips. By combining analytics with consumer driven events, CallNet ensures that you deliver targetted offers to event driven customers at precisely the right moment in time. CallNet is not just a call center managment software. It's driven by a world class event driven marketing system Revnet. Now meet our next generation best of breed software, designed to provide marketers with greater visibility and insight, improved operational efficiencies and increased revenues.


CallNet combines the full range of tools to service the maximum number of successful calls with the minimum number of agents. More calls mean more connections with your customers and more business transactions. If your looking for a way to earn revenue in a realtime performance driven marketing environment CallNet is what you need.

CallNet is a fully hosted solution with rock-solid reliability. It Includes built in scripting, intelligence and a customer history database driven by Revnet, you can provide agents relevant and timely information before every call is placed. With all the information they need, your agents will be able to complete transactions faster and more effectively. With an intuitive graphical user interface you can improve your callers' experience by ensuring that calls go to the right agent at the right time, with all of the necessary info to effectively process the transaction













CallNet offers a full suite of tools that allow you to monetize your website traffic and data. CallNet can provide toll free solutions for inbound calls generated from your website and track each call in realtime. Increase your application rate and make more money with CallNet.

Contact us today to get more information on how CallNet can help help generate more revenue for your company.